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Internal analysis of Quality Management System and Process                                                                                           

No more stop line, less Customer complaints, waste reduction


Technical support in Quality, Program Management and Operations                                                                                

Costs control


Interpretation and achievement of Customer Specific Requirements                                                                     

Customer satisfaction


Quality Problem Solving: Implementation and Improvement                                                                                                   

Cost reduction


Know of Quality Core and Operational Excellency Tools                                                                                                         Process environment systemic and controlled

Quality, Lean Manufacturing and New Projects at Customer                                                                                            

Quick reaction, negotiation, solution and response



  • Supplier's facilities TIER I, TIER II and third-party services providing support in Launch, Operations and Quality processes, obtain the Customer Specific Requirements in mentioned areas, such as Quality System Management and IT Systems implementation or development of the existing

  • High Schools and Universities providing knowledge, tools, understanding, and practice in the implementation of Integral Management System and IT Systems. Conferences, congresses and workshops performance using the excellency based on international experience and knowledge

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  • Quality Representative at Customer Facility

    8 hr

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